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Learn strategies to protect public notices in your paper with free webinar on Nov. 8

Legislation that would eliminate public notice advertising in newspapers has been introduced in more than 20 states this year. The threat to (more…)

Reserve your spot at Nov. 9 weekly publisher idea exchange

The Florida Press Foundation is planning a regional weekly newspaper idea exchange to be held in Lake Mary on (more…)

Membership update requests will be sent this week

The Florida Press Association maintains detailed records of our member papers/organizations and we request (more…)

Press witnesses sought for November 8 execution

Governor Rick Scott has signed a death warrant for inmate Patrick C. Hannon who committed his crimes in Hillsborough County. (more…)

Participate in Public Notice Day on January 24

The Florida Press Association will be recognizing the value of public notices in the news media on Wednesday, January 24, in Tallahassee. (more…)

Legal Update

From the Legal Hotline (877-NEWS-LAW)

Newspaper distribution complaints, website copyright issues and more in today’s Legal Hotline recap. (more…)

NC public notice effort is an assault on newspapers and transparency

Imagine this hypothetical scenario: Someone wants to build a factory in your neighborhood, a change that would bring noise (more…)


Bob Brunjes, president of Treasure Coast Newspapers, announces retirement

Bob Brunjes made his first dime in the news business tossing newspapers onto lawns as a boy in New Jersey. (more…)

Special Features

National Association of Hispanic Publications to hold annual convention in Miami

The NAHP is the  nation’s largest organization of US Hispanic Publishers.  The Latino market represents a (more…)

Participate in FIU Kopenhaver Center survey: Are communication professionals achieving their potential

In the communication industries of today, change is the new normal.  This survey is designed to examine (more…)

Industry News

Is your newsroom ready for change? This new hub has a way to learn, plan and do it

At The Dallas Morning News, print moved to a separate desk to let everyone focus on digital. At the (more…)

Key trends in social and digital news media

Digital news and social media continue to grow, with mobile devices rapidly becoming one of the most common ways (more…)

Join ProPublica’s new project to work with local newsrooms

Over the past several years, economic pressures have reduced the ability of local and regional news organizations to (more…)

When a journalist is arrested covering a protest, what should the news outlet do?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Mike Faulk was knocked down, pinned to the ground, pepper-sprayed, arrested, held (more…)

The share of women in newsrooms has increased barely 1 percentage point since 2001, ASNE data shows

In what has already been a pretty depressing news week for women, the newly released results of ASNE’s newsroom diversity survey add (more…)

Many newsrooms around the world are lagging when it comes to new tech and a digital-first mindset

How far along are newsrooms when it comes to training their reporters to navigate a news ecosystem where people (more…)

Actually, do read the comments—they can be the best part

Imagine you want to collect donations for a food bank. You could place an empty box on the street, walk away, and hope (more…)

Fusion Media: If you make a good ad, we’ll give you bonus ad space

Many publishers believe consumers would pay more attention to online ads if they were just better. Now (more…)

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